Friday, February 18, 2011

Cotton Flannel (Plain) - For Pre-ORDER MAC [CLOSED]

Cotton Flannel PART V 
Open For Pre-Order..!

** pre-order bermula pada 20/02/2011 sehingga 12/03/2011
** If you would like to know more about this pre-order, just email your questions to me.

Great for making baby items such as blanket, hankies, clothes, baby stuff, dolls clothes, plushies or even making pouches and bags for young adults!...

Also suitable for any other handcrafts...

Available Colours

Size :  1/2 metre = 90cm x 52cm @ 36 inci x 20.5 inci
1 metre = 2 kali size 1/2 metre

1/2 metre : RM 4.20
1 metre : RM 8.40  
F1 - Purple
F2 - Maroon
F3 - Red
F4 - Soft Pink
F5 - Pink
F6 - Light Blue
F7 - Blue Black
F8 - Green Apple
F9 - Green
F10 - Soft Turquoise
F11 - Grey
F12 - Gold 
F13 - Yellow 
F14 -  Orange
F15 - Peach
F16 - White
F17 - Black

Emel to :
atau juz isi form kt bahagian bawah blog ini
untuk PRE-ORDER Cotton Flannel..(nyatakan kod item & bilangan)

** In case if your item is not available anymore, we will refund you back your money.


  1. hai...nk tnya kain flanel ni camner eh?
    dia lembut ker cm felt jer?blh x wat cm keychain,hp strap,brooch n other craft??

  2. Cotton Flannel

    1~Black F17 - 1m
    2~Maroon F2 - 1/2m

  3. ani : dia xsama ngn kain felt..flannel ni soft n gebu..sesuai utk buat plushies..bantal..ada gak y wt keychain..n other craft.. :)

    Berry biru kraf : nanti emel or isi form kt bhgian bawah bllog ni yer. :)

  4. hye u...nk tnye..payment kene wat lps order ker b4 closed date for pre-order nie? ;)

  5. sha : payment b4 close order..utk comfirmkan order.. :)

  6. assalammulaikum...
    kain flannel ada lagi x??
    die punyer open order sampai 12/03 jer ker.
    pastu ada balik x?

  7. kalau flannel ni post ke sarawak, brape eh?

  8. saya nk f3,f16 and f17..
    ada ag x??
    nk 1/2 meter setiap satu??

  9. ummi : sorry lewat reply..pre-order utk MAC till 12hb mac aje..tggu next pre-order utk bulan April.. :)

    aina : emel me for details ya --->

    anonymous: emel me for details..TQ

  10. biler tarikh pre order utk next month?sy nk order la...

  11. next pre-order April..dah stat open for pre-order yer..close date 12 april ni..